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Justyna has the most beautiful soul and having her as part of my VBAC preparation was invaluable. All through my pregnancy she was always available and went the extra mile by sending me information about different positions to try while my baby was lying breech. She even did a special Breech Baby script for me during one of our private sessions. Her extensive knowledge of birth, yoga and Hypnobirthing makes for the perfect antenatal preparation. Going to her prenatal yoga classes was my escape from the busy, everyday life - it gave me time to relax and focus on my pregnancy and baby. I will forever be grateful to you Justyna!


VBAC mum

I really like the breathing techniques and the humming. The whole ethos of the wise hippo is positive and does not pressure or demonize Caesarean birth. I really like that because even if you don’t get a vaginal unmedicated birth you leave the experience feeling empowered. At least it seems that way. Love the relaxation of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

I want to add that Justyna is a passionate teacher. Her voice is relaxing and we are very happy we did WiseHippo Hypnobirthing. We feel blessed and fortunate.


VBAC mum

Doing yoga, will contribute to the development of harmony as a spiritual and corporeal. It will provide an opportunity to hear your inner world. In addition, yoga is able to affect kindly on the body, improving health and keeping muscles toned. Pregnancy - is not a reason to stop doing yoga. Moreover, with a good instructor, you will not only feel better, but you will find a balance inside and remove the stress, because we all know how vulnerable unequal system of pregnant women is. Justyna Jayani Oratis thank you very much for what you are doing! Thank you for your attention and individual approach to every future mom.


First time mum

A fantastic relaxing class! Justyna makes the class enjoyable for all. I look forward to my weekly classes.


Second time mum

One of the preparations I did for the birth of my son was prenatal yoga classes. It helped because it prepared my body physically and mentally, which is the most difficult part!! I trust my body and my baby, is what we constantly repeated at the class through positive affirmations and relaxation scripts. In the classes we practiced breathing and visualizations. This space gave me the opportunity to share with like-minded people that wanted similar birth experiences. Justyna is a hypnobirthing instructor and had a lotus birth in a hospital which is not very common in this region.


First time mum

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