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Yoga & Hypnobirthing Teacher

My yoga journey started when I came to Dubai in 2007. As my passion for yoga grew I went to India to take my first Hatha Yoga teacher training course in 2011.

I then traveled around the world for five years learning and practicing yoga. Influenced by different teaching styles, my aim is to bring empowerment to the students’ bodies and abilities, whilst encouraging them to strongly believe in themselves. I wish to bring each student to a place of tranquility and connection with their body through breath work and asanas. To make every cell of their body rejuvenate by helping to open their hearts and reduce the weight on their shoulders caused by daily stress.

My path truly flourished when I got pregnant and I felt a deep inner connection to my body and the life inside me.

This is when I came across hypnobirthing. Inspired by ideas of having a calm, relaxed and in control  birth I embarked on another teacher training course.

My birth was a truly spiritual and physical experience. So emotional and so empowering that I wanted to share this with every woman who wants to experience birth in their own individual way.

So, here I am to empower you to wherever your experience will take you so you will stay connected with your own body instincts and the feeling of great empowerment.

I am currently leaving in Cyprus where I am active member of Birth Forward organization. If you are passionate about birth I strongly recommend you to visit their page.

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